"The future of retail is about omnichannel. It's not going to be just online, not just brick-and-mortar. It's going to be the merge of the two."

-Mark Lore President of Walmart Ecommerce, founder of Jet.com, from The Manifestor Mindset with Matt Higgins, October 1, 2020
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Omnichannel Opposition Corp. is a Blank Check acquisition vehicle targeting a $1 billion to $2.5 billion consumer sector acquisition.
OAC seeks to acquire a consumer sector business that will benefit from OAC's depth of omnichannel expertise. OAC's roster of consumer sector entrepreneurs, operators, and investors are capable of transforming a consumer sector business through a refined and extensive omnichannel operating strategy implementation.
“Given how much things changed, what has  worked in the past almost certainly won’t workin the future…
Success today requires an  understanding of both evergreen business basics  and also the lasting ways in which the DTC model  has permanently reshaped the industry."
—Reinventing the DTC Business Model, Harvard Business Review March 2020
The OAC Team has Broad Consumer Investing and Operating Experience:
We believe the target universe of consumer products and services businesses that would benefit from these omnichannel strategies is broad, creating an opportunity set across consumer sectors that include:
DTC Ecommerce Brands
Consumer Healthcare
Consumer MarketPlaces
Consumer Services
Legacy Brick & Mortar Retail
+operate in the consumer retail, consumer products, consumer services or consumer health care segments
+demonstrated brand success and customer retention
+possess the potential to expand products and services to new channels and geographies
+are led by senior management teams with demonstrated  track record of driving organic revenue growth, margin improvements
+are fundamentally sound but are under performing their  potential 
+exhibit unrecognized value or other characteristics that  we believe have been misevaluated by the marketplace
+are at an inflection point where we believe we can drive improved operating and financial performance, including through organic initiatives and/or inorganic growth  opportunities that we identify in our analysis and due diligence. 
+can benefit from our leadership team’s knowledge of the target sectors, proven collection of operational strategies  and tools, and past experiences in profitably and rapidly scaling businesses 
+are valued attractively relative to their existing financial  metrics and potential for operational improvement 
+offer an attractive potential return for our share holders,  weighing potential growth opportunities and operational  improvements in the target business against any identified down side risks
+Digital transformation
+DTC evolution to brick-and-mortar retail
+Optimization of existing retail and logistics 
+Improved and expanded marketing strategy 
+Brand and community building 
+Customer and supply chain partnerships 
Target Characteristics:
Strong revenue growth &  customer demand
Attractive market position  & competitive advantages
Strong operating margins &  free cash flow characteristics
Opportunities for  operational improvement
Scalable business
Limited “fad” or technological disruptionrisks
Matt Higgins
Chairman & CEO
Smiling Woman
Chris Pantoya
Image by Samuel Raita
Austin Simon
Chief Operating Officer
Board of Directors.
Woman In Hat
Bobbi Brown
Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Mark Garison
co-Founder Gerson Lehrman Group
Co Founder Thuzio chairman, create
Professional Man
Al Carey
CEO Pepsico North America
Smiling Woman
Priya Dogra
President Warner Media EMEA/APAC
woman 12
Vicky Free
CMO Novant Health Fmr, SVP, Disney/ABC Studio Fmr CMO, BET
Man with Beard
Emmett Shine
Co-Founder Pattern Brands
Operating Advisors.
Professional Man
Layl Ayes
Operating Partner, Red Bird Partners Fmr Director, Morgan Stanly M&A
Woman in White
Delphine Bernard
Global Head of finance operations Uber
Former senior financial controller, Skype
Portrait of a Woman
Katie Hunt
Co-Founder Showfields
Co-Founder The Fund
Former Chief Brand Officer, Hinge
woman 6
Denise Lambertson
Managing Partner, Constellation Capital
Woman on the Phone
Maggie Lu
Co-Founder & COO, Ever/body
Frm. SVP of Strategy & GM of Digital Business Paloton 
man 7
Elyse Propis
Frm. Operations Lead Uber Eats
Woman's Portrait
Len Schlesinger
Harvard Business school Form COO, L Brands
Man Stretching
Gary Vaynerchuk
Founder Vayner Media Agency of Record Tiktok
Co-Founder RESY
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